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Our background

Whilst hiring equipment from our depot network we noticed that more and more of our customers were asking us to handle their whole UK hire needs for them.  When asked, they told us that it was because they could make one call to our staff and know the job would be done. 


This was a far more efficient solution than the problem that many customers face when hiring a wide range of equipment around the country. Using different suppliers and depots creates the hassle of multiple systems, rates and accounts, varying service levels and no local ownership of the relationship.  Even using one call providers creates the problem of call centre staff who have no hands on experience of the kit they are hiring. 


Hireforce One was established to provide a better solution.  A central call point with experienced hire desk staff who understand the issues involved and can draw on our own network and a trusted network of suppliers to ensure you get the correct kit, when you want it, where you want it.

At Hireforce One we believe that excellence is essential in 3 areas to ensure an unrivalled customer experience

Our People
Our Processes
Our Products

Hireforce One is focused on ensuring that our hire desk staff can add value to your hiring

Our team averages 15+ years experience in depots and on sites.  They have hands on familiarity with the equipment they are hiring as well as an appreciation of the issues that you face day to day on site

We believe that this gives Hireforce One's team a winning edge:

  • The knowledge to help specify the right solution for you

  • A full awareness of the importance of getting the right kit delivered in the right condition at the right time

Hireforce One provides a comprehensive range of tool and equipment hire and related sales and services. We insist on the  highest quality and most modern equipment both in our own fleet and from our suppliers

As well as having our own fleet to draw from, we have a vast range of approved hire suppliers, which means that whatever equipment or services you need, we can provide it

The combination of our own depots and our extensive supplier network means that we have a truly nationwide delivery capability. We pride ourselves on getting to you on time every time


With a vast amount of experience in the hire industry, we understand the huge problems that poor processes and paperwork cause the customer

At Hireforce One we pride ourselves on ensuring we are first class in this area. All transactions are backed up with electronic notifications and no invoice is released to a customer without first having been double checked by our hire desk team

As an account holder you will also recieve : 

  • A dedicated account manager

  • Paperless billing weekly or monthly

  • Agreed rates and discounts

  • Live hire reports

  • Hireforce Protect damage waiver

What does this mean for you?
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At Hireforce One we understand what is most important to you, the customer.  You need to be able to develop a working relationship with one person who you can absolutely rely on to know what you need and get the job done with high quality reliable equipment.  Backing this up you then need faultless invoicing and full electronic hire reports to keep track of your hires.  


Hireforce One was established to  deliver this.  

One Point of Contact: an expert with years of hands on experience in hire depots and on sites 

One Set of Hire Rates: consistent prices wherever you operate

One Set of Hire Reports: everything in one place

One Supplier Payment: reduced administration

One Invoice Style: a standardised process

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